You Have to Start Somewhere

This is the very first post in my very new blog. I was hoping to do this yesterday. June 1 is my birthday and if I had done it then,  my blog and I would have the same birthday and that would be somehow meaningful and aproppriate. It didn’t happen that way. Events and ongoing birthday celebrations overtook me so the first post is happening today instead. Nevertheless, I will consider June 1st the blog’s birthday, as well as my own.

Now, as an astrologer, this  birthday thing is kind of important to me. What the planetary positions are at the birth moment can tell me all about what kind of blog it will be. How successful, how many visitors… Any question at all can be answered astrologically. I should have chosen the most auspicious moment to launch it, but I didn’t. It was enough to get my head around all the new things I needed to learn to do this at all. I know about designing for print, but for the web—absolutely nothing.  The auspicious moment might well have come and gone while I was trying to figure it all out and experiencing the frustration of having an ambitious vision without the skills to implement it. If I waited until I learned enough to make this site look the way I wanted it to, if would be a very long time before I could launch it. So I won’t wait and will learn as I go. I will let it unfold in it’s own way and become whatever it will be. I hope, in time, to make it beautiful and interesting and fun.

The astrology of Pathea

Back to birthdays. Looking at the chart of this first post, we see that the Sun is in Gemini. This is very good as Gemini is the sign of communication, variety, versatility and intelligence. If thesse qualities come through I will be very happy. the Moon in Libra, the sign of relationship, diplomacy, art and culture. Libra on the Ascendant indicates that the presentation style will have to demonstrate beauty and grace. Oh dear, this is going to be hard to live up to.

pathea-chart1And the bad news —the Saturn placement suggests that it will be hard work and the desire for perfection may be an inhibiting influence — I may refrain from posting because I can’t think of anything sufficiently deep, meaningful, informative, hysterically funny, or generally worthy of being read, so I won’t post anything at all. This is a tendency that will have to be nipped in the bud. This is where astrology comes into it’s own. it can show you the pitfalls so that you can become aware of them. The Mercury placement is also a bit difficult, as it squares Jupiter and Venus indicating that the reality may fall short of the idealised vision.

I could go on but I won’t. The chart  says it all. I would be interested to learn what other astrologers make of it