Pipex Part 2: The story is over —with a little animal help

wolf A knock on the door —a heavy knock that means business, one that cannot be ignored—caught my attention this morning. This is it, I think, The Summons. Pipex have finally carried out their threat to take me to court. It turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness who gave me a leaflet about how to survive the end of the world. As I don’t aspire to survive the end of the world, if it happens in my lifetime, I will not attend their conference on how to go about it.

This incident showed me just how stressed about this whole thing I was, so when the post proper did arrive and there was a missive from Pipex, my heart sank. Now what do they want? I opened it to find an invoice. At first I was furious—don’t they ever give up? Then I looked more closely and saw that it said that I owed them £0.00. They’ve dropped it. Just like that.

It took a while for this to sink in. It happened so easily. And so fast. My last letter was sent on Thursday and on Monday it’s all taken of. Did my cogent and irrefutable arguments plus my understanding of Ofcom regulations finally get through? Did they realise that that I would not be bullied and intimidated? Or was it because I’d blogged about it and told the story on every relevant web site and forum I could find? Or was it some other reason? I don ‘t really know.

Over the weekend I had been worrying and obsessing about whom should I write to, what should I say next, on and on… Then in my mind arose a clear image of a red wolf. He was a powerful and calm presence giving me support and protection. I felt, rather than saw, him at my side as I moved through this difficult process. I could see him wandering through the offices of Pipex, unseen, hurting no one, just being there and protecting my interests.

This morning, my problem was resolved and there are many good, sensible reasons why it was and maybe some strange ones. it may not be an either/or—Ofcom regulations and the red wolf may be the same thing. Whatever it is, I am grateful.


  1. Well done, this is a victory for the good gals!! and I know it was your red wolf that helped bring this about.

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