Jupiter/ Neptune Conjunction: Ideals and ideologies

Nep.JupThe current conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius is interesting in that  it is longer lasting than most Jupiter transits and is, therefore likely to have a greater effect. When Jupiter is direct and moving fast, transits, allowing for an orb  of 2°,  last for about three or four weeks and their effects may not be so far reaching. This conjunction, however, has been in effect since the beginning of May and will continue to have influence until the end of the year. It has the potential, therefore, to bring about some lasting change for the better.

Both planets have in common the qualities of aspiration, vision, high ideals and spirituality. Jupiter adds buoyancy, optimism and foresight. Neptune brings compassion, transcendence and ego-lessness. They are together in Aquarius, the most human and idealistic of signs. How could this not bring about a positive change in the world? Why does an era of peace and harmony not all that evident?

Well, here’s the down side—the idealism of this aspect can, and often does, turn into ideology. The human need to make sense of the world  takes  an ideal and codifies it into a system of belief though which the world is then interpreted.  Holding an ideology is not in itself bad but when reality is denied because it does not support the existing ideology or when faith is seen as such a virtue that it is revered whatever nonsense  may be believed,  it becomes toxic. Jupiter/Nepture whether inspired or distorted has less interest in reality than in faith.

Iran Election: ideals v. ideology

The protest over the Iran election clearly demonstrates the conflict between ideals and ideology. The protesters are holding the ideal of fair and free democratic elections. The depth of the protests leads one surmise that this is about more than an allegedly rigged election. It feels more like the tipping point exposing a deeper level of discontent with life in the  Islamic republic, that most ideological of constructs. Neptune/Jupiter was exact on 27 May, Jupiter turned retrograde on 15 June (the first killings took place) and the conjunction was exact again on 10 July. The violence was exacerbated by the square from Mars in Taurus at the beginning of July. Though the mainstream media seems to have moved on from this story, it’s not over yet. the voice is protest is still  prominent on Twitter and the unrest and the arrests continue. The aspect becomes exact one more time on the 21 December and it is then that we may see the final chapter. It  fallsjust inside the 12th house (self undoing) of Iran’s chart of 1979. This does not bode well for the existing regime.

Chiron and US health care

Chiron is also part of this conjunction and will be with  Neptune well into 2010. Chiron, the wise centaur, is the archtype of the wounded healer who can heal others but not himself. Compassion and the acceptance of weakness are also Chironic attributes. Under this triple conjunction  the debate over that sick man of the developed world, the American health care system, is gathering momentum. Barack Obama was elected on, among other things, the promise to reform the health care system. Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 on exactly the same premise. Clinton failed  primarily because powerful vested interests, such as the insurance and pharmacuetical industries,  preferred things to remain as they were. The vested interests are still there, so can Obama succeed?

The ideal here is a health care system that provides treatment for everyone. The American people want this and they keep voting for it but it hasn’t happened yet. Leaving aside obvious answers such as corporate  greed, there is another powerful obstacle to reform. That is the deeply ingrained ideology in the American psyche that the  free market is the best economic system and that it is the most  effective method for all enterprises, irrespective of what they are. This approach works well enough in some areas but in medical care, it has been a dismal failure.  There are many Americans, who on ideological grounds oppose any form of government sponsored health care despite overwhelming evidence from other countries that the profit-driven method doesn’t work and a government regulated one does. It should be a no-brainer.

This conjunction is stronger on faith  than on reason and it falls in the 3rd house (communication) of the 1776 US chart. We can expect a massive and vigourous propaganda campaign on all sides, fuelled by Mars in Gemini, where truth may be the first casualty. Whether the idealistic or ideological impulse of this aspect wins out is hard to tell but Chiron demands healing and perhaps the broken US health care system and those whom it serves will get it at last.