Neptune Confuses the US Health Care Debate

Neptune copyWhat is going on with the US health care debate, if you can call it that. A street brawl more like. The much-needed proposal to reform health care that most Americans seem to want is, if the media are to be believed, losing ground. On one level it is very clear why. The powerful  insurance and pharmaceutical industries are spending enormous amounts of money in lobbying and advertising to discredit the proposal. I have read that there are six lobbyists for every legislator in Washington. Not surprisingly they are giving it everything they’ve got as there are obscenely huge profits at stake. More difficult to understand is the vociferous opposition from the grass roots religious/social conservatives who appear to be hell bent on acting against their own best interests. These people are among those that would benefit the most from health care reform. It makes absolutely no sense.

Astrologically the position of Neptune may shed some light on this peculiar situation. Neptune presides over dreams, visions, ideals and aspirations as well as confusion, vagueness, denial and delusion. With Neptune there are no clear cut boundaries and where it is present it is difficult to get a clear picture of what is really going on. In the US chart, Neptune is is in the 9th house of philosophy, law, world views and religious beliefs. And a most treasured ideal in the American psyche is  the American Dream—the idea that this is the land of opportunity and that anyone who comes and is willing to work hard can succeed. That Neptune is in Virgo underlines the work ethic that is so much a part of this vision. The vision is inspiring but the reality is that while some do realise the dream, many others don’t, or only partly. Neptune, however, with its incomprehension of boundaries and limits, doesn’t recognise that there is only so much room at the top table.

Never mind. This is an aspirational society  and it is not difficult to persuade people to support political positions more suited to where they hope to be one day rather than where they are in the present. To put it simply, you vote with the rich because one you hope one day to become one of them. One attitude that goes with that territory is that the government is the enemy. It has this annoying habit of taking people’s hard-earned money in taxes. Interestingly, Saturn is in the 10th house of government in the US chart which is perhaps why it is seen by some as an oppressive and controlling influence.

Neptune the Saboteur

In a previous post I mentioned the likelihood of the Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction as it approaches the 3rd house in the US chart, encouraging a propaganda campaign over the health care issue. This is currently playing out and the disregard for factual truth in favour of ideology is Neptune at its worst. It is hard to tell at the moment who supports what, who believes what or what will be the actual substance of the proposed legislation. And is Obama softening his position? Who knows. It’s all very emotional and may become more so as the conjunction moves across the Moon in the US chart. The Moon represents the ordinary people and with Neptune there, small wonder that they are confused. Though Jupiter will move away by the end of January 2010, Neptune and Chiron will continue to affect the Moon well into 2011. This does not bode well for rational political discourse. But there may yet be hope.

US Chart with Current Transits
US Chart with Current Transits

Neptune the Savior

These three planets are currently retrograde but will turn direct in October/November. This strengthens them and allows them to express their more positive qualities. Things may then begin to turn around and move in a more constructive direction. In mid-January Jupiter enters Pisces, a sign where it is strong and which supports its expansive and generous nature. As it moves through the 3rd house it will favour inspired and positive communication. I think we can count on Presedent Obama to do that, especially since the triple conjunction will still be transiting his 1st house and luck is still on his side. The compassion and inclusiveness of Neptune, with the healer quality of Chiron influencing the US Moon may finally bring the understanding that illness should not be exploited for profit and that an alternative that serves everyone should be available to all.