Inner Work in the World

Every week or so a few of us here at  Findhorn  meet in the sanctuary to do what we call World Work. This is a meditation that focuses on a troubled world situation or an influential person on the world scene that we feel could use some help. We do not try and change  that situation or the actions of the people involved. Instead we aim to contribute support or bring in a quality that may be helpful.

Last night we focused Obama, his family and staff with the aim of providing protection against the large amount of negativity that is directed towards him. We did not attempt to to subtly influence him in any way. The purpose was to hold a space where he can do his job without disturbance from hateful energies.

This particular method of working inwardly comes from the work of David Spangler, a spiritual philosopher, whose ideas were very influential in Findhorn’s early days and whose books and courses are still followed by a number of people here.

Meditating with friends for a common purpose is very pleasant. We all know each other and are mostly women of a certain age. I like that too. Women fully come into their spiritual power when they reach their post-menopausal crone stage. The group isn’t restricted to crones and there are a few younger women and even an intrepid male or two. But mostly it’s crones. Dorothy Maclean, the last surviving Findhorn founder, now 90, always comes.

Still, every time I go the thought comes into my mind that this is all very well and we can feel very good about doing it but does this, or any other form of prayer or meditation really have an effect on physical situations? The problem is that you cannot see a connection between this activity and what actually happens. David, who is able to experience the subtle realms, believes it does. The mainstream materialist viewpoint doesn’t accept the existence of these levels and say it’s rubbish.  I know it’s not rubbish but I have my uncertainties. What we want to  believe and actually do believe are sometimes two different things. I believe (or want to believe) that physical reality follows consciousness and intent rather than the other way round which is the mainstream way of looking at it. If I do believe that then I must accept that activities such as World Work have a real result.

Cats have the answer

When in doubt I think of this. I have a magnificent, leonine, marmalade cat called Galahad. I’ve had him since he was a kitten. In fact I had reserved him and his sister before they were born. I loved them both but Galahad and I had a special bond.

Once when I had to go to the States for a month, I found someone to house sit and take care of the cats. I had been gone about two weeks and was at my sister’s in Detroit and one afternoon there was a phone call from the house sitter. She told me that Galahad had been missing for eight days! She hadn’t let me know before because she kept hoping that he would come back. But he hadn’t.

I was devastated. I was 4,000 miles away. What could I do? I feared the worst. Galahad did not usually go wandering. He always stuck close to home so something was very wrong. And it was. The house sitter had confessed very appolgetically that she had gone away for a week and left  someone else in the house to take mind the cats. This did not please me for a number of reasons and it obviously hadn’t pleased Galahad. He did what cats do if they don’t like something. He took off.

I lay on my  bed overwhelmed with grief and loss. I really loved that cat. I wanted nothing more in that moment than that he should be safe and come home. I very strongly felt his presence.

About twenty minutes later the house sitter phoned again, elated. Wouldn’t you know it, Galahad just walked in the door, looking good and as though nothing had happened. He heard me.

It was proof enough that if one’s mind is 100% focused on one thing, without distraction or conflict of  intent, the limitations of time and space can be overcome. It is easier when it is personal and where there is love, to find the pure, laser-like focus that produces results.

I understand now why spiritual disciplines strive towards achieving single-mindedness  or no-mindedness, for it gives one the ability to find that intensity even when personal love or strong desire are not present.  World Work, with a disciplined mind does works, I am sure. I’m just not that good at it yet.


  1. Hi Rhiannon,
    We do this kind of inner work too, every day, connecting to the Net of Light as (re)described in a friend’s book and website: Sharon McErlane’s A Call to Power: the Grandmother’s Speak, and Love is our Power. (

    And with cats, some pretty amazing co-operation, in healing, in seeing presences, in answering communication with them (that’s the easiest, with some of them).
    For New Year’s we were entertaining our grandson while Anna worked, and his young tomcat is an amazing little guy. I hadn’t seen him all morning though, so I did a “communication” with him, asking him to show his face so I’d know he was OK. A couple of minutes later he came bounding in through the window, looking surprised to be there: like he didn’t know what had made him interupt his play/watch with the seagull out back to come in. I felt like I’d “interferred”, which I had of course, but it was an amusing confirmation.
    Fun stuff.

  2. But forgot to say, in our Grandmothers’ Group we don’t “meditate to affect world events” but rather cast the Net of Light out and let the Divine take it from there.
    I remember from a workshop at Cluny with Donald Keys (we did every week for months with Annie at Station House): we didn’t focus long on a country or event, but sent our “concern” up to the Angel of Peace, who knows the correct ballance and timing.
    And we won’t of course know, as we do with animal communication, that we’ve had an “effect”. Yet the feeling of participation is strong! And each time we take time first to connect to all others, like you and Dorothy and so many other small groups everywhere, so the Net is strengthened and we are a bit more alight.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Yes, cats are great at that. And excellent at disappearing when they have an appointment with the vet.

    It’s good to be reminded that that there are many other people involved in this kind of work. It all adds up and creates a powerful energy.

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