Jupiter and Uranus bring Freedom and Change

I have taken nearly two months from writing anything here. It’s been a good thing to do. When I set up this site, I was determined to write once a week or, at the very least once every two weeks, then felt very guilty if I failed to do so. Posting became one of those onerous tasks that just had to be done—difficult if there was nothing I wanted  to say. The most oppressive was the weekly transit page that I wrote every Saturday night, no matter how late it was or how tired I felt.  God forbid that the page should go up on a Monday rather than by Sunday morning!

No one made me do this, I wasn’t obligated to do it and I wasn’t being paid to do it so who was this tyrant standing over me saying ‘you have to do this’. Me, of course. With an ascendant in Virgo and Saturn on the mid-heaven, I feel a  strong obligation to do what I say I would do, even if the person I said it to was only me. This may seem admirable to some  but when obligation takes all the joy, creativity and spontaneity out of an activity, what’s the point? There is no point, if it’s not fun. Rebellion against the Saturn/Virgo influence was needed.

For this reason I welcome and embrace the forthcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. I love this aspect. It promises freedom, surprise, spontaneity and adventure. I also have it in my chart  and it’s a good antidote the the Saturn/Virgo thing.  Jupiter and Uranus are about to meet and I am all anticipation as to what it will bring.

The planets are now both Pisces but will come exact at 0° 18? Aries on the 8th June. Nothing speaks of new beginnings like zero Aries, the starting point of the zodiac. For the aspect to occur just there means an enormous influx of expansive and iconoclastic energy. This one will not pass unnoticed and we can expect the sweeping away of seemingly permanent structures and ingrained attitudes in an invigorating sweep-through that open the space up to something different.

A Black Swan election, maybe

Uranus has a strong affinity with the what is called the Black Swan problem in philosophy which is concerned  with the appearance of something that has never been seen before. That is, in a world of white swans, black swans do not exist until one is seen. It is a problem because then it becomes inconveniently necessary  to reevalute our conceptions and beliefs, at least regarding swans.

The concept was popularised by Nassim Nicholal Taleb in the book of the same name in which  he talks about Black Swan events which can be defined as: 1) being surprising, 2) having a huge impact and, 3) seem obvious after the event. These events are purely Uranian. They are shocking because the information needed to predict or anticipate them isn’t available. With the event comes the information and then it all seems quite obvious.  These events catapult us out of our complacency and into a new way of seeing the world. The addition of the Jupiter energy, expands and intensifies these qualities and brings with it an optimistic and philosophical element. These two planets work rather well together in bringing in new consciousness, new ideas and broader horizons.

We do not have to wait until the 8th June to feel its influence. the effect can already be seen in how the British General Election of May 6th is unfolding . British elections are usually dull, predictable affairs, at least compared with their  American  counterparts. The two major parties more or less take turns winning while the third party, the Liberal Democrats complain that their popular vote never translates into enough seats and because of how the voting system is structured they don’t have a hope in hell of ever holding power.

This time, however, it is different. The outcome is neither certain or predictable. The Lib-Dems are doing very well in the polls, due largely to the good impression made by their leader, Nick Clegg.  He is young, energetic and has attractive policies. More importantly he seems to offer something new and different and people, made cynical and tired by politics as usual are longing for that.

That the Lib-Dems might form a coalition with one of the other parties is not a Black Swan event. This has happened before and would not bring anything that different but it would be Black Swan is if they won outright. That would be a perfect manifestation of Uranus/Jupiter. Will it happen? If I knew, it wouldn’t be Uranian. But whoever forms the next government will do it under the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries and that will mean radical change of some kind. The election chart is really quite interesting and somewhat contentious  but that is worth a post of its own.

As individuals we are likely to see something new come into our lives from a direction that we do not expect.  This may be welcome or unwelcome but it can not be ignored. House placement may give a clue to how this will play out for each individual. As for me, it’s in my eighth house—transformation—something must die so the new can be born. I hope it’s all that rubbish I’ve collected over the years and haven’t got around to getting rid of as well as the kind of crap in my head that turns creative excitement into heavy duty obligation.

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