Election 2010: What the astrology says

The General Election is almost here and the outcome is not at all certain which makes this the most interesting election in ages. I am interested enough to cast a chart for the event and see what light it can cast on the outcome. I drew up the chart for London at 10:00 pm, the time when the polls close and the outcome has been determined.

There is some contention here.  Mars in Leo is square the Sun in Taurus and opposes the Moon in Aquarius. These aspects, however, are separating  so the contention is in the past and most likely  represents the competition between the three main candidates to prevail over the other two.

More significantly, the Moon in Aquarius, representing the people, is applying to a conjunction with Neptune. This is suggestive of a certain amount of indecision and unclarity among the voters, many of whom will not have made up their minds until their hands are actually hovering over the ballot paper. The Moon in Aquarius, the sign of social equality, the theme of ‘fairness’ will strike a chord and the party that appears to offer it most strongly will get the votes.  There is likely to be some confusion over how the vote actually went. Miscounts, recounts, lost ballets are quite possible and already there have been allegations of voting fraud in some area. For this reason there may be a delay in learning what the final outcome is.

And the winner is….

Can the chart tell us who will win? Not with any great certainty but it strongly suggests who won’t. Using traditional techniques, we have to give Gordon Brown, the serving PM to the 10th house. Virgo is on the Midheaven and Mercury represents him. It doesn’t look too good. First of all, 29° is on the cusp. This is the final degree and indicates that he’s on his way out as Libra will shortly move into that position. His significator, Mercury is retrograde which weakens him and  a retrograde Saturn close to the Midheaven does not help either. A trine to Pluto gives an injection of power which has been revealed in the intensity of his campaigning in the last few days. That may have helped him but is not likely to win it for him.

What of the opposition? As the 7th house from the 10th, the 4th house indicates the opposition. 29° Pisces is on the cusp, so Jupiter rules. Jupiter is exalted in Pisces and so is in much better shape than Brown’s Mercury. Jupiter also rules the Sagittarius ascendant which presides over the event as a whole and so identifies with, and supports the opposition.

We have two serious contenders, Nick Clegg and David Cameron. So which one does Jupiter represent? We could allocate Neptune as co-ruler of Pisces to one of them and if  Cameron as the major contender is Jupiter and Clegg is the unknown factor, then Neptune is appropriate for him. The Moon is moving to a conjunction with Neptune which shows that the voters like him and ndicates that he has a real chance but before the conjunction perfects, it forms a semi-sextile with Jupiter. This is a beneficial but weak aspect and could mean that not enough voters will stay with Clegg. The chances are that Clegg will win the popular vote but not get enough seats to form the next government.

Change is never what you think it will be

The interesting thing here is that Jupiter is moving to a conjunction with Uranus. This will not perfect until the planets enters Aries and so does not necessarily refer to Cameron. Whoever wins, however,  whoever wins, will preside over a period of  quite extraordinary change. (See my last post.) This will not be so easy as Uranus and Jupiter are moving to opposition with Saturn, ruler of the status quo. Saturn bring us in touch with reality and the necessity for spending cuts will make fulfilling election pledges difficult for anyone.

It is also interesting that both Cameron and Clegg were born in the mid-sixties and have the transformative and revolutionary  Uranus/Pluto conjunction in their charts. It has always been my view that this generation are destined to instigate a profound and radical transformation over our social and economic structures, and most importantly, our relationship to the environment.  Incidentally, both are have a transit of Jupiter over their Saturn in Pisces. Clegg and Cameron are born only four months apart and have similar outer planet positions. Either could step into the Saturnine role of prime minister.

Finally the chart shows a closing sextile between Venus in Gemini and Mars. After the fight to win, this suggests peace and cooperation. We may end up with a coalition after all. The question is between whom? All permutations are possible. On this Neptunian note, I’ll finish for now and add a PS when the results are known.