An Astrological look at the Next British Goverment

Here is an afterword  to my  previous post on the election. The election has turned out pretty much as I thought except I overestimated the size of the  Liberal Democrat popular vote. But with Neptune being so prominent, you never really know. So now what?  I cast another chart to see what the astrology revealed about the next step. The cart is  for 11:45 on the  May 8th. The time is not significant in terms of the process but not being sure which was the most significant moment, I chose a time when I became aware of  the process and felt a strong desire to know the outcome. Since then events have moved on but no decision has yet been made on who will form the next government, so I will continue to work with this chart. As I write, the Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats have had  talks about a possible alliance  and there is a deadline for Nick Clegg to decide if he will work with them or strike a deal with Labour.  He has a deadline of tomorrow evening to decide.

There is a Leo ascendant, appropriate for questions of power and leadership. Mars is on the Ascendant, indicating conflict and contention. There has already been plenty of that as there are strong feelings  in both parties that compromise on key issues like electoral reform is unacceptable, even to the point of demonstrations outside Lib-Dem HQ. Unheard of!  This is not a compromising chart. The Sun, the chart ruler, is in the 10th house and representative of the role of prime minister. It’s in Taurus which is intercepted indicating that it is not, at the moment, within reach.  That will change very quickly when the last degree of Aries gives way to Taurus showing  that the change in government is imminent.

Three options are possible—a Conservative Lib-Dem alliance, a Labour-Lib-Dem alliance and a minority Conservative government. Can the chart show which it will be?  Gordon Brown is still the prime minister and  is represented by 10th house ruler, Mars. Aries is about to vacate that cusp indicating that Brown is on his way out. Mars, however, is prominent on the Ascendant which makes me think that he is not quite as irrelevant as may appear. Cameron, as his opponent, is shown by the 7th from the 10th—the 4th house represented by Venus. He is a Libra so that is an appropriate assignment. it’s harder to determine Clegg’s significator.  He is also indicated by the 4th house but he can have neither Venus or Mars (Scorpio is intercepted in that house) as they have been spoken for. He will have to be Pluto as co-ruler of Scorpio. Pluto is in Capricorn (Clegg’s birth sign) as as the one who holds the balance of power in this process, it fits.

There is no direct connection between any of the three principals. The Moon, however, shows us what will happen though the aspects it forms as it moves through its sign. The Pisces placement reveals a fluid and emotionally charged situation which unfolds as follows.

What has already happened

Moon conjunct Chiron: All parties wounded by election result. Nobody did as well as they hoped.

Moon sextile Mercury:  Mercury is retrograde. The people have spoken but the message is unclear. The sextile suggests that a hung parliament is an opportunity, not a disaster. Mercury in Taurus is stubborn and being retrograde, it’s direction is unreliable. Nothing that takes place until the 11th when it goes direct, can be relied on.

Moon sextile Pluto: Clegg came third but he holds a powerful position. This is a big opportunity for him and maybe a chance to get what the Lib-Dems have always wanted—electoral reform.

Moon quincunx Mars: Contact between Brown and Clegg. An inharmonious aspect that doesn’t lead to anything.

And now….

Moon square Venus:  Talks between Lib-Dem and Conservatives. The square shows their  strong ideological differences and makes partnership unlikely and undesirable but the square is in mutable signs ans so, is flexible. Cameron as Venus in Gemini is keen to make a deal.

Moon sextile Sun: An excellent aspect. Perhaps some kind of agreement is reached between the Lib-Dems and Tories and at least we will know who the prime minister will be. The people will be happy with the outcome.

Moon conjunct Jupiter: it continues to look good. The markets will be reassured when something has been decided.

Moon opposes Saturn: But  it’s not really as good as it looks. Opposition from Saturn, the reality planet, blocks this apparently happy outcome. Virgo loves detail. Saturn rules the civil service. Perhaps they will be somehow involved or the party faithful on both sides cannot accept a compromise.

Moon semi-sextile Neptune : Back to square one. More confusion.

Moon conjunct Uranus: Uncertainty is cleared by an outside force that no one was anticipating. There is a  crisis leading to a surprising end.

It’s a bit of a cliffhanger, this chart. It describes the process but hasn’t really given us an answer as to who and how. Mercury turns  direct at 11:26 pm on the 11th so I presume that Clegg’s decision deadline is before that. It would be better if he could wait as anything decided now could easily be overturned.

There is another reason why Clegg should be careful of working with Cameron. If we look at their composite chart, there are a lot of good things in it. All those nice trines in Fire from Jupiter to Sun, Venus and Mercury. Very positive and hopeful. They could work together well, however, the composite Mars, tightly sandwiched in the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, opposing Saturn is explosive.

Here my guess as to what might happen.  No lasting deal will be made between the Lib-Dems and one of the other parties. The Tories will form a minority government. A crisis will occurs, possibly financial, that will compel something completely new in how the government will operate. What might that be? What if all three parties worked together as they did during  WWII. That would be something.