Dave, Nick & Gordon Play the Game

The Game of Transformation that I have been involved with for a long time is a wonderful tool for helping people move through the impasses that confront them in life.  It’s difficult to explain how it works as it’s very complex. So complex, in fact, that you need a guide to see you through it and keep you informed of the rules and what you can and cannot do. The guide is known as Game Overall Director or G.O.D. You get the picture. Pieces are moved around a board. There are cards, to draw, Insights and Setbacks, that give directions. Divine Feedback on Free Will actions, levels to move through and much more. To get a flavour of it, imagine this last week being played out on the board by three prominent political leaders.

Playing the Game…

All players enter the Game with a purpose which begins with the words ‘I intend’. Our three players have the following purposes.

Nick: I intend to take as many seats as possible from those two old dinosaur parties.
Dave: I intend to form the next government. So there.
Gordon: I intend to hang on to power by all possible means.

Play has been going on a while and it is now Nick’s turn….

Nick has landed on a Synergy square. He gives the example of how he put himself and the Liberal-Democrats on the map in the debates. Good example. Everyone moves nine squares. Nick lands on an Insight that says: “Take personal responsibility. Choose where you move for the next three turns.”

Dave was headed for a Miracle square but because of the Synergy he landed on a Setback which was: “Can’t say no. Don’t want to say yes. When was the last time you felt cornered.”

Gordon is in Sanctuary. On his last turn he landed on an blank square and used his Free Will to go to a Miracle square. His Miracle allowed all players (except Dave) to  move up level and do something with progressive rainbows. But Divine Feedback said: “Go to Sanctuary and listen. Return to the path only by landing on a Guidance square or a correct Intuitive Flash.” In the Synergy, however, Gordon did land on a Guidance Square and returns to the path.

Nick chooses to go to an Insight: “Your chance to be G.O.D? intuit now if this is appropriate. If yes, Insights all round. If no, all other players take Setbacks”

Nick decides that it is appropriate for him to be God. He tosses the coin and it’s  ‘Yes.’ Insights all round.

Nick’s Insight: “It’s OK that it’s taking as long as it’s taking.”
Dave’s Insight: “You accepted the unacceptable.”
Gordon’s Insight: “Fun and Mystery Card. Take a card from the other deck now.” He takes a Setback: “Your suggestion was rejected and you freaked out.”

Dave lands on an open square but has rolled a Service on the dice. He chooses to serve Nick. Nick says it would serve if he and Dave can take some time for personal sharing to clear up some of their differences. This they do.

Gordon is back on path rolls the dice and moves to a Dark Night of the Soul. (His plying piece is shrouded in black, he puts on dark glasses and withdraws his attention from the Game and goes within.)

(Nick and Gordon are wearing purple ties. Heading for the Unity Level? Dave is still wearing blue.)

Nick wants clarification on his purpose so chooses to go to a Setback: “You say one think very eloquently and do another very elegantly.”

Dave lands on an Insight gets the Ego Radiance of Success. His example is that his sitcom, ‘Nick ‘n Dave do Downing Street’ has landed a five-year TV contract and will shortly be made.

Gordon uses his Free Will to come out of the Dark Night. Shares that he has reordered his priorities, will leave his job, spend time with his family and do good works. He can now move up a level, but as the next level is ‘Enlightenment’, he has to take his Feedback first and can only move up if it’s favourable. It is—”Divine Pleasure with the way you handled this one. God blesses you abundantly and with great pleasure.” This is positive so he can move up to Enlightenment. Gordon bursts into tears and so does everyone else.

Nick chooses to go to another Insight: Major Initiation! This is big. The pattern he is leaving behind—the political wilderness. What he is looking towards is uncharted.


(Nick and Dave walk off hand in hand, eager to explore their new relationship)