The Grand Cross and the Planetary Game

On Saturday, the 19th, the Planetary Game,  a life-sized version of the Game of Transformation in which players walk a path laid out on the floor rather than move pieces on a board began. It is a powerful, collective experience involving over sixty participants and several Guides. While the regular board Game is played to facilitate individual transformation and growth, the Planetary Game encompasses a broader view and has an energetic influence on the world as a whole, hence the name.

The time has been chosen deliberately to coincide with the summer solstice. Solstices are physical and energetic turning points. The path of the Sun crosses from one hemisphere to the other and energy that has been turning outward now turns inwards or the opposite. This solstice is particularly potent as a Grand Cross will be constellated as the Sun arrives at 0° Cancer.

The T-square involving Pluto in Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra/Virgo and Uranus and Jupiter in Aries/Pisces has been with us since last year. It is a tense configuration, the basic energy of which is that a  new awakening (Uranus) is coming in but traditional structures and thought forms (Saturn) are in resistance. Meeting these energies are the forces of destruction and renewal (Pluto). This transformation coming through the Earth sign of Capricorn occurs at the most fundamental, physical level. Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus is also part of this story and amplifies the energies.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is highly symbolic of these energies. The accident (Uranus) creates a crisis deep underground (Pluto). The organisation responsible, BP, is trying to solve the matter using conventional methods (Saturn) and it’s not working. This brings up questions for the future of the company in general and in a broader sense the viability of Capitalism an an economic model in the long term. After all, if the environment on which we depend is destroyed, no economic system will help us.

The upside is that Uranus and Jupiter can provide new ways of dealing with these crises if humanity has the courage, imagination and flexibility to embrace  such solutions. It means creating new structures through which to work. It means a reorganisation of the power dynamics between business, government and the people as a whole. There will be resistance from negative Saturnian energies but if we engage with the wisdom and experience of Saturn we will be able to understand and do what is necessary for our own survival.

As this T-square will be transformed into a Grand Cross by the Sun, the symbol of individual consciousness at the solstice, this suggests that it is human consciousness and awareness that can provide the solutions to the various problems that we face.

In the Planetary Game we are working with the following purpose:

We intend to cultivate a spirit of partnership with the Sacred in the areas of
our relationships,
our work,
our collective structures
nature and the environment

allowing and bringing forth new patterns  of consciousness and expressions of wholeness.

The current astrological conditions make this this a very appropriate purpose.  It encapsulates very well what could be the best and highest  expression of these planetary energies. We who are involved with the Game of Transformation, like to think that the energies generated in the Planetary Game affect not only the participants but the wider world as well in a way that is  beneficial and healing.