Uranus in Aries: I’ve had enough!

Over the last few months a number of couples I know  have split up.  The relationships affected are  not those that you would expect to go under. The people involved have been together for a long time, have created a mutual life and seem reasonably happy.  So why this sudden change?  The answer may be found  in the entry of  Uranus into Aries. Uranus made a brief appearance in Aries in June 2010 where it participated in the Cardinal Cross whose effects are still with us before retreating back into Pisces and re- entered Aries for the long-term on 15 March. Uranus facilitates change and delights in breaking up patterns and structures that have outlived their usefulness. Aries likes change, novelty and adventure. Neither Aries or Uranus are known for their cooperative spirit and are energies that make relationship difficult to maintain particularly if things have gone a bit stale or over-familiar. What they do support is the new and a clear break with what no longer serves individual growth. Iconoclastic  and intolerant of any limitation on freedom of movement, the phrase that best sums up the mood is,  I’ve had enough!’

When individuals have had enough, they leave their relationships, change their jobs, move house or do whatever necessary to escape what they feel is an intolerable situation. On the collective level we can see this working out in events in the Middle East. Unrest in the Middle East is hardly new but what is new about the current situation is the domino effect where a protest in one country leads to an uprising in another and so on. A fruit seller in Tunisia who set fire to himself  when police confiscated his cart, led to regime change to Egypt to revolution in Libya, each incident has sparked a new rebellion next door.  The people in this region have lived under repressive regimes for decades  and have generally put up with it. But no longer.  They’ve had enough. Uranus in Aries is  quick to act and gives people with the courage to do what they  have wished to do for a long time but haven’t dared.  Wishing for things to be better is no longer enough. it is now time to act. Another interesting aspect of this rebellion  is how contagious is it. Revolutions usually stop at the border of the country concerned but in this situation, boundaries don’t seems to matter. This is a force that  overrides limitation. This story is by no means over. As I write The conflict t in Libya continues and it is unclear whether Colonel  Gaddafi will maintain his hold on power or if yet another long-lasting authoritarian regime will fall.

The last  Spring Equinox chart is an excellent indicator of the these times. Following hard on a powerful Full Moon in in the last degrees of Pisces/Virgo, a moon that was the brightest for many years, the ingress of the Sun into Aries must conjunct Uranus.  If we regard this chart as describing the events over the next three months, we are in for a stormy spring. This is not an easy chart and consists entirely of hard aspects apart from an applying trine from the Moon in Libra to Venus in Aquarius. So far events pretty well confirm what the chart indicates.

Looking at the ingress chart of Uranus into  Aries on 11th March we get a picture of what this transit, over the next seven years might bring. There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is   Saturn in Libra, a measured and rational influence but retrograde so tending to over-caution  and a reactionary outlook opposing expansive Jupiter in impulsive Aries. the desire to move ahead in exploration meets with obstruction. The Gemini Moon squaring Mars and Chiron in Pisces—a volatile and unstable configuration—is suggestive of the masculine and feminine principles in crisis. Pluto in Capricorn  squares Jupiter and Mercury indicating established power structures under threat from within by subversion and corruption and from without by protest and revolt.  The good news is the grand trine in air involving the Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Libra and Venus in Aquarius, a mental energy that is creative, innovative, yet practical. The Sagittarius ascendant optimistically looks to the future.

We live, as they say, in interesting times. Times that will be full of innovation, new technologies and intellectual innovation. There will be resistance to this indicated by political and social polarisation. Freedom of expression and action will be emphasis. To some this will feel liberating and to others, frighteningly chaotic. We can expect a restructuring of established government and corporate institutions and this will not without hardship. In the end this will be an exhilarating ride into the future, the nature of which we cannot imagine.

I personally, don’t feel able to make plans for the future because I am certain that whatever plans I make will  be changed by circumstances. I find this place of not knowing, intriguing. My curiosity is engaged and I am on the edge of a great adventure and have no idea of where it will lead. And that’s just fine.