About Rhiannon Hanfman

rhiannonI am a writer, editor and astrologer, among other things. Some of those  things are occasional graphic designer and workshop facilitator. I am also a Gemini which goes some way to explain the long and varied list of things that I do/have done. I did a stint in the theatre until motherhood and the need for a regular income drove me to get a real job. I became an editor in a publishing company and then went freelance. Then in a complete shift of direction I, obtained a BSc in biochemistry from Sussex University and then went on to postgraduate work at  Bristol.

For the last twenty years I have lived in the Findhorn community, the spiritual centre and eco-village in the north of Scotland. During that time I edited One Earth, the magazine of the Findhorn Foundation for four years and became a qualified guide for the Game of Transformation. Currently, I am one of a group that offers spiritual mentoring for the Foundation. I have an astrological practice and am working on a memoir and a novel. I live near the sea with my three cats and enjoy an interesting and varied life.

Why Pathea?

Why did I name site, Pathea. There is  a story there.  Using my own name was problematic.  ‘Rhiannon’ alone was not available and ‘Hanfman’, either alone or in combination is impossible because no one who is a native English speaker has, ever, ever, in all of my life, spelt or pronounced it correctly. With Hanfman as part of my domain name, I can only imagine the frustration of those trying to find it. Only my friends would succeed.

Pathea came to me through a clairvoyant who I had visited a couple of times. One day she wanted to try something new—a soul reading. One that describes the soul’s overall purpose ratherthan for a particular lifetime. OK, I thought, why not. According to her my soul name was Pathea. I do not know if there is any truth to what she said or not. I have an open mind but I  like having a soul name especially one that, I am told,  has the energy of the Hindu deity, Shiva, an energy with which I have some affinity.

I had already used it as a pseudonym on the internet, on Twitter and other places, so when I created this site, it seemed a good idea to continue.  Is it appropriate to use a soul name in this way? I don’t see why not. I have four names, two given by others and two that I chose for myself. All have their own uses. In today’s world, for the soul to reside on the internet seems perfectly normal. Like cats really.