“Astrology is one of the most powerful means of receiving personal and professional insight into one’s life —but only if one is working with a qualified astrologer. Rhiannon Hanfman is an exceptionally qualified astrologer as well as personal counselor. Her insights and guidance are based upon educated skill, years of experience and a strongly developed intuitive talent. I can’t say enough to encourage people to make an appointment with this highly talented astrologer.

Caroline Myss, spiritual teacher and author

Zodiac An astrological chart is  like a snapshot of the heavens as seen from the Earth at a specific time and place. It is not possible to tell from looking at it whether it  relates to a person, a cat, a building or an event. it can, however, give information about any of those things if they are connected to that time and place. Why this should be so is a bit of a mystery but most astrologers work on the principle of  synchronicity—that all things that happen together have a connection. To take it further, if the cosmos is seen as a seamless whole, it can be postulated that each part of that whole contains the rest—like a hologram. Thus information about anything can be found  anywhere. This is the principle behind divination—whether you study cards, tea leaves, the stars or the entrails of animals, you can find an answer if you ask the right question.

Astrology, the practice of following the movement of heavenly bodies to receive information about human affairs, is used in a variety of ways. I have been working professionally as an astrologer for over 20 years (see An Astrological Journey) and below are the methods that I primarily work with.


Natal Astrology

A person’s character can be determined from a chart cast for the exact date, time and place of birth. This natal chart reveals the many potentials and possibilities for that person, much of which will not be expressed. What will be expressed and the the manner in which this happens, depends on factors such as heredity, gender,  environment, experience and the mysterious uniqueness of each individual soul. There is nothing fatalistic or predetermined here, at least not in my interpretations. Your chart shows influences and possibilities but in the end the choices you make will decide what actually happens in your life. Your natal chart can show you how to make good choices and is a powerful tool for increasing self-knowledge, self-acceptance and furthering spiritual and personal development.

The information in the natal chart can be built on through examining the
progressed chart: By moving the natal chart symbolicaly through time you can see how the potential of the natal chart is unfolding.
Transits: The relationship between the current positions of the planets and natal positions can show what influences are currently affecting you.
Solar returns: A chart cast for the exact moment when the Sun returns to it’s original place (usually your birthday). This gives an overview of what the year ahead might bring. Lunar and other planetary returns can also give useful insight.


Mundane Astrology

Countries also have horoscopes and mundane astrology is the art of analysing and interpreting political and other activities that occur on a large or collective scale. It’s called mundane not because it’s boring but because it deals with worldly events. My personal interest lies in tracking the astrology of cultural and intellectual movements and looking at historical events.


Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is an ancient and fascinating art. It is pure divination, the premise of which is very simple. A person has a specific question that he takes to an astrologer. A chart is drawn up for the moment that the astrologer hears and understands the question. Then through applying a very strict set of rules, the answer is found. The rules are simple but remarkably accurate results can be obtained. This is an excellent method to answer very specific and concrete questions as it can  suggest what course of action you can take. In earlier times it was frequently employed for the broader life questions that are more suited to natal astrology because many people didn’t have a very clear idea of  their exact time of birth, but a horary chart could give them a good answer all the same.


I am available for consultations in person or over the phone. Natal readings, transit updates, horary questions and chart comparisons are all offered.  I never use computer generated interpretations so each reading is unique to the client. The entire reading is recorded and transferred to a CD  or on to a cassette tape as preferred. To book an appointment and for payment details,  go here.
£50 per hour for readings involving one chart
£60 per hour for readings involving more than one chart