The Planetary Game: an invocation of spiritual partnership, inspiration and grace

23 – 30 June, 2012, Findhorn Foundation

with Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis and InnerLinks faculty

2012 is a year that in the opinion of many has a special significance for the world. It is likely to be a year of crisis and of great change leading to new beginnings. A Planetary Game at this potent time will enlightening exciting and powerful.

This is a unique opportunity to play the Planetary Game with its creators, Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler.A life-size version of the original Game of Transformation where players  walk the path rather than moving a piece on the board. With up to 120 participants in five Playing Areas, it weaves together elements of innovative group work and ritual in a sacred theatre setting. (See video)

As we are each a part of the whole of humanity and of the world, we have a unique opportunity in this turbulent and transitional time to contain and hold these energies within ourselves and through an alchemical process allow a new consciousness to emerge and give shape to new forms.

In the Planetary Game we aim to become alchemical containers, individually and collectively, and to bring forth new aspects and expressions of wholeness in ourselves, our relationships, our work, our finances and governance, and our connections to the earth. In this way we also contribute to grounding holistic patterns of consciousness and action in the world.

This is something we do not yet know how to do. There is no definitive recipe for the alchemical process of turning lead into gold. The Planetary Game will be a process of discovery and exploration that requires us to bring all our experience, wisdom and intention present.

As a player you will first of all choose one of the five Playing Areas to work in. Each Playing Area represents a particular aspect of human activity. Though we each focus on one area, we are involved in all of them and learn from the interplay between them. You will then formulate an intention that relates to your area and is personally meaningful for you and select one of the available roles: Player, Insight, Setback, Angel, or Witness.

Play then commences and costumed participants representing the Playing Areas use a die, free will or intuition to move along the life-sized Game path on the floor. Different squares present opportunities for interaction, growth, breakthroughs, recognition of shared strengths and challenges, and learning from each others’ work.

Those familiar with the Transformation Game know its remarkable ability to lovingly and accurately reach to the heart of any issue and provide valuable options for change.   With grace, wisdom, and humor we can catalyse inner resources, and empower each other to find loving, innovative, and soul-infused ways to respond to the promise and challenge of this time on Earth.

We invite you to join us and add your passion, power and purpose to the sacred pageantry and world work that we will create together as we engage our collective capacity to generate positive pathways and presence in today’s changing world.

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